Paul brossier thesis

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Involved in music production i. In earlyI was at Fluendoa company specialised in multimedia software development. Amongst these annotation techniques, we concentrate on low and mid-level tasks such as onset detection, pitch tracking, tempo extraction and note modeling.

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Automatic Annotation of Musical Audio for Interactive Applications

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Techniques for modelling of note objects and localisation of beats are implemented and discussed.

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Juan-Pablo Bello, Mike P. Automatic Annotation of Musical Audio for Interactive Applications Paul M. Brossier [email protected] Centre for Digital Music Queen Mary, University of London under the Direction of Dr.

Mark Plumbley and Prof. Mark Sandler External Examiners Prof. Eduardo R. Miranda and Dr. Michael Casey submitted in partial fulfilment for the diploma of Doctor. Paul Brossier and other people at Queen Mary's University of London have used CLAM in some projects Real-time segmentation of note objects in music signals Alexandre Francois, from University of Southern California, also acknowledges CLAM in his recent articles.

Paul Brossier, Automatic annotation of musical audio for interactive systems, PhD thesis, Centre for Digital music, Queen Mary University of London, London, UK, Additional results obtained with this software were discussed in the following papers.

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Paul brossier thesis
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