Thesis examiners comments

I have expanded and rewritten the whole literature review by expanding discussions on sustainable development issues of CSR in developing countries, social capital, and corporate sustainability Chapter 2.

Valente and Crane ; Visser ; Visser ; Wettstein Emerging economies and global supply chain: The candidate provides strong arguments as why he thinks the research questions are important and worth investigating. Therefore, my research objective is to investigate why and how the linkages between CSR programs, social and corporate sustainability evolve over time.

However, some of his overview sections would benefit from slightly more attention to detail to provide more context and to ensure that all concepts and technical terms used in subsequent chapters are introduced at this stage.

Adler and Adler ; Waddington Thematic coding and analysis: In entirely qualitative research such triangulation becomes extremely important so I would look to see some evidence of such triangulation.

Overall, I have restructured and rewritten the whole methodology chapter. Justifications for selection of qualitative research are discussed in section 4. However, most of the time the examiners are two or three.

This would benefit from slightly more reflective discussion of each chapter balancing contributions, shortcomings and potential for further work. Martono, ; Pongoh, ; Liman, The justifications and limitations of qualitative research and the case study methodology are discussed in sections 4.

The justification for single case study is discussed in the section on research sampling and unit of analysis section 4. Suggestions for how 7.

The contents were definitely sufficiently substantial and broad-ranging to allow coverage of the field. Only those who have been immersed in similar topics will be qualified to judge your work. Socio and economic outlook of developing countries: Make a list of your five favourite academic writers within your topic domain and Google stalk them.

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As suggested by he ExaminerI have taken the following actions: I have re-written the section on the relationships between the concepts of CSR, social capital and corporate sustainability in section 2. The epistemological and ontological considerations have been added to the methodology Chapter section 4.

The concept of social capital is elaborated to show the concept, the need for social capital investment, and the benefits of social capital investment in improving the social structure section 2.

The total number of pages 2. In recent years, because the notion of objectivity within research has been challenged, this rule is seen as a much more flexible. Outline of Responses to the Examiner This response document is written in two parts: The findings can be generalised to other developing countries where companies can invest in building capabilities of informal MSMEs subsection 1.

Thus the topic of this thesis is very appropriate, as is a case study method to study this. The within-case analyses are undertaken by answering research questions comparing the empirical findings with the operational definitions in Table 4.

I followed the suggestions by re-writing the literature review. The reasons forthe selection of Astra are elaborated further in subsection 1. Granovetter and Burt have made substantial contributions to the social capital literature by providing knowledge on the bonding strong tiesand the bridging of structural holes weak ties.

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Again this is appropriate although there is no evidence presented to suggest that any of the findings are particular to a developing country.

What the examiners said. In Australia, a thesis must be submitted to three examiners: one in the University and two external, one of whom must be overseas. The comments are sent back to the examinations committee, who decide whether the candidate's thesis is Here is the bulk of the examiners' comments on the submitted version of my thesis.

Thesis examination is an object of study and researchers agree that the choice of thesis examiners needs to be handled with extreme care. Examiners are human and will bring their own pet likes and dislikes into the process of reading your work.

Examiners' comments on introduction chapter in theses 1. 1 Examiners’ Comments on the Introduction Chapter in Theses School of Languages, Literacies & Translation, USM April 01, Dr. Omer Mahfoodh [email protected] [email protected] Introduction.

When I (the first author) wrote my MA thesis and then my PhD, I had no idea what my examiners would do. I knew that I would dispatch my thesis and then some time later it would come back with comments and a judgement, but I did not know what happened in the middle.

this is based on a review of their reports on about theses and dissertations in & Usefulness of examiners’ reports Comments can help to improve the thesis or dissertation Review of examiners’ reports can provide useful pointers to potential supervisors on what to look out for and pitfalls to avoid Let us look at the.

Introduction. When I (the first author) wrote my MA thesis and then my PhD, I had no idea what my examiners would do. I knew that I would dispatch my thesis and then some time later it would come back with comments and a judgement, but I did not know what happened in the middle.

Thesis examiners comments
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