Trosky callo thesis

Next to exploring the as-is situation, it is also necessary to look ahead and explore the to-be situation.

Journal of Software: Evolution and Process, Volume 25

The first MR image was published in [, 92] and the first cross-sectional image of a living mouse was published in January []. Margarete Patzakthe world-known expert on Geotourism, Prof.

Christian Bird, working on understanding motivations, outcomes, and challenges of tool supported code reviews. This inventory aims to be the most complete and up-to-date information about the Portuguese geological heritage, including the list of the most relevant geosites for scientific, educational and tourism uses, and sorted according to their importance and need of conservation.

In contemporary civil engineering, Brownfield land means places where new buildings may need to be designed and erected considering the other structures and services already in place. In this paper we propose a number of steps which help with the design and optimization of a statistical pattern classifier for server overload detection.

It is a new kind of Nature Tourism that aspires being the solution for local development of rural areas and that involves several agents such as geoscientists, politicians and local managers; 3.

Managing software evolution in embedded systems

In fact, they come from industry, where they were born as a child of expediency []. We use the vector clocks to order service executions and to infer causal dependencies among services.

For instance, many consumer devices have firmware containing the Linux kernel, without the suppliers following the requirements of the GNU General Public License. The potential benefits for automated test generation are significant. German, Dept of Computer Science, University of Victoria Deployed software systems are typically composed of many pieces, not all of which may have been created by the main development team.

Geosites inventory Present knowledge about Portuguese geological heritage is dispersed and incomplete justifying the urgent establishment of a geoconservation strategy by the geological community.

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In this context, we present an approach to augment aware- ness by recovering development information in real time and broadcasting it to developers in the form of three lightweight visualizations.

I will describe and evaluate the application of these techniques in the customization of WebDSL, a domain-specific language for modeling dynamic, data-rich web applications.

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In this study, we propose an approach to monitor dynamic dependencies among services. And can the different threads in the storyline be identified from the available information. Although this is a slightly contrived example, it does illustrate the kind of problems that have to be dealt with.

Slowly, geoconservation issues are being recognized by different sectors of Portuguese society, including politicians, teachers, park managers, geologists, etc.

Trosky Callo Thesis

This study aims at investigating to which extent the existing source code metrics can be used for predicting change-prone Java interfaces. Similar to software developers, professional spreadsheet users demand support for maintaining and transferring their spreadsheets. One of the aims of this talk is to reflect on factors affecting impact in practice of software visualization research.

Structured data, such as source code, has a well-established structure and grammar, and is straightforward to parse and use with computer machinery. Defining and documenting execution viewpoints for a large and complex software-intensive system Author links open overlay panel Trosky B.

Callo Arias a Pierre America b Paris Avgeriou a Show more. Trosky Callo, Pieter van der Spek, Selim Ciraci, Tom Beek, Daniel Borches, Evgenij Ivanov, Ralf Theunissen, Ana Ivanovic and Alexander Douglas.

I could not have succeeded reaching my goals without the devoted effort and support of. VU UNIVERSITY - AMSTERDAM An Architecture Description Viewpoint Wiki based on the Semantic Web Paradigm by Damien Andrew Tamburri A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment for the Master’s Degree in Computer Science - GSEEM Program in Global Software Engineering in the Faculty of Exact Sciences Department of Computer Science - GSEEM Program in Global Software Engineering.

Producing up-to-date architectural descriptions in a cost and time effective manner is a challenge for organizations that develop software-intensive systems. Architectural descriptions do not always reflect the realization of the system due time to market, resource constraint, dynamics of.

Speaker: Trosky B. Callo Execution models describe what software system does at runtime and how it does it. Although it is obvious that execution models are important assets to facilitate system evolution, in practice development organization do not pay enough attention to create useful execution models.

Trosky Boris Callo Arias. PhD Theses - Department of computing science - RuG Managing Technical Debt in Software Architecture. PhD thesis, Institute of Mathematics and Computing Science, University of Groningen, June pdf Master Theses - Department of computing science Jens Rasmussen.

Trosky callo thesis
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Architectural dependency analysis to understand rework costs for safety-critical systems